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This magazine is working well to coexist with Spielbox for "must read" gaming magazines.  The difference in perspective is wonderful.  Spielbox tends to be written by highly critical eurogamers who fuss about details and their own procilvities, which can be very insightful-- especially for complex games.  Plus, everyone loves the promos included in the hardcopy issues. 

However, CGI takes a much more relaxed approach and gives more intuition toward whether or not a game might be a good fit for more casual situations (as the name would imply).  CGI also is much less focused on eurogames, which can be a great offset to Spielbox, if you read both.

If you round out your reading with Everything Board Games, you should always have enjoyable perspectives and tips on existing and upcoming games across the tabletop landscape.

Every game store and person who considers tabletop gaming a focus of their hobby time should consider a subscription to all 3, in my opinion.