Wild Wars: Family Battle

Wild Wars: Family Battle
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Wild Wars: Family Battle allows 2 to 4 players to pit their army of vicious, cute (and everything in between) animals against each other, in an all-out, knockdown fight for the highest score after ten rounds. More »

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The story: The world of man has been depleted and the survivors have formed clans to survive. The successful clans have allied themselves with hordes of animals from the five kingdoms: Land, Sea, Underground, Forest, and Sky. Recently, you discovered a new place for you and the battle animals you command to expand into. Unfortunately, other members of your clan want this land for themselves! To settle the dispute, the elders have agreed to a Family Battle in which command of the clan’s combined animals from across the five kingdoms will determine who wins! 

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
2 to 4
Playing Time: 
15 to 30 minutes
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