SPONSORED: Mobile Games Booming As Global Games Market Hits $108.9B

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Research firm Newzoo has released its latest quarterly findings where they noted that the global gaming market would grow by $108.9 billion this year. What is more, these findings cited that the most lucrative segment of the market would represent 42% of the worldwide gaming market. And by 2020, smartphone and tablet gaming was likely to form more than half of the total gaming market – if this trend is anything to go by.

Generally when statistics speak of mobile gaming, they often refer to both Smartphone and tablet gaming. However, this time round, the focus was predominantly on smart phones alone. The gaming industry is expecting to net some $46 billion this year. However, $35.3 billion of that revenue will be attributed to smartphone gaming.

On the same note, this study highlighted the fact that the sale of tablets had plummeted recently. Even then, Newzoo noted that there were some 280 million tablets that were actively being used to play online games. These tablets alone were responsible for generating $10 Billion as part of the revenue netted from global gaming.

The rise of global markets that are interested in mobile gaming

China is fast becoming a gaming nation. This can be confirmed by the reports that players in this country will be generating ¼ of the total revenue that the global gaming market is expecting this year. This figure was estimated at $27.5 billion.

This is beyond what the gaming market expected from countries like the US. North America was expected to yield $25.1 billion in revenue this year.

Even if China was taken out of the picture, the rest of the Asian market would still be responsible for raising a large chunk of revenue. Japan and Korea are two regions that are showing tremendous growth in this area. When revenue from the two regions is combined, it could easily hit the $10.5 billion mark by 2020.

Still, North America is being considered the second largest gaming market in the world. It is projected that it will generate $27.0 billion in 2017. This growth rate is largely influenced by mobile gaming which experts say is less saturated. In other words, there are still more opportunities for Casual Mobile Pokies to take control of the platform and generate even more revenue.

The 2 types of players pushing this growth forward

There are two types of mobile players so far. The first category consists of those who are willing to spend money to play games. The second category consists of players who are willing to spend money on a per-game basis. But the number of those falling in the first category is bigger than that which is falling in the second category.

Newzoo also focused on gaming revenue from Latin America where they said that the market had a potential of netting some $4.4 Billion this year.

PC vs. mobile

Both social and browser games for PCs have plummeted in popularity. And it appears that majority of those who used to play these games have since switched to smart phone games instead.

The gaming population is making a transition from casual to mobile gaming. To support that fact, Newzoo specifically mentioned Zynga and Facebook. The findings pointed out that Zynga’s PC revenue had dropped by 30%. On the other hand, Facebook’s PC games revenue had dropped an all time low since 2011. Therefore, mobile gaming still takes the lead anyhow.

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