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SPONSORED: What the Heck is Dota Underlords?

Dota Underlords

The world of E-Gaming is evolving by the minute. With so many people adopting E-Gaming as a source of entertainment as well as a profession, development giants are always on the prowl to introduce something unique to captivate their audiences.

Dota Auto Chess is one such game that overwhelmed the gaming audiences with a potent dose of entertainment. Introduced as an arcade map in the world of Dota 2, the map gained massive popularity and as a result, Drodo Studio (developers behind the map) decided to create a separate game out of it.

Valve saw this as an opportunity as well as a threat and recently introduced their own version of the game, under the title Dota Underlords. If you have played Dota Auto Chess before, then we assume you already know the basic mechanics, but for the general audiences, let us explain the mechanics of the game in more detail. Remember it is an online game and will require a formidable internet connection to enjoy it at its fullest. You should go through your Local Cable Deals to find something suitable if you do not already enjoy a fast and reliable enough internet connection.

How does the game work?

Dota Underlords takes players into a competitive FFA (free for all) 8 player competition to fight the battle for the first spot. The game revolves around a turn base sort of mechanism where you get time to strategize your moves after every wave you encounter. At the start of the game, players are introduced to a pool of 5 random characters to choose from. You pick a character from the pool and place it on your board against a fixed-in-game cost (which we will explain later on). Once the designated timer runs out, the battle starts. The first three waves are against NPC characters (non-player controlled) in order to give the players ground to settle in before they make the beginning. Initially players can only put a single character on the board at any given instance - the number of characters allowed increases as you move further into the game.

Character ranks and synergies

Every character in the game can be upgraded till rank 3 (starting at rank 1 initially) by combining copies of the same piece. Thus 3 pieces would combine together to create a stronger piece. And similarly, 3 pieces from rank 2 would combine together to create a rank 3 unit, which has upgraded perks and abilities. The most interesting aspect of the game is undoubtedly the character synergies. Different characters from the game, group together to create interesting synergies which offer powerful bonuses to the pieces engaged in playing. Warrior synergy, for instance, offers additional armour to its chess pieces once a set number of character pieces are present on the board. Demon class benefits from additional damage if it is the only demon piece present on your board. Similarly, other different synergies can be countered by other relevant synergies. Remember you also have a queue area where you can store up to 8 characters for later use and the purpose of upgrading.

Items and aura effects

New elements introduced in the game include the aura effects which can be selected quite similarly to how you choose items after a neutral wave ends. In the previous map, various neutral units used to drop items at random. This time around, they have converted this into a choice menu at the end of the round so that every player may choose something to even out the scales. The item choice does depend on how effectively you have played the round though. For instance, if you killed all the neutrals, there is a higher chance of something good being offered.

How do the abilities work?

Every character has a designated mana pool that is required in order to cast their respective spells. Mana is gathered when your piece inflicts damage to other pieces or when it is on the receiving end of damage dealt out by other pieces which attack your forces on the board. As the unit tier gets stronger, so do the spells that have the potential of changing the tides of the battle. For instance, Medusa is a piece which costs “4 in-game gold” and can attack multiple units passively with its split shot attack dynamics. Additionally, it has an active spell that can turn enemy units to stone for a few seconds. You need to create the perfect synergy between your units in order to win the game.

Game currency mechanics

Accumulating and using gold effectively is the key ingredient towards winning the game. Whenever you win five consecutive matches or lose 5 consecutive matches, you start accumulating additional “streak gold” which is added to your total gold pool. Moreover, at the end of each round, you get an additional “1 gold” for “10 gold” that you may have in your bank (you can acquire a maximum of “5 bonus gold” with a stored amount of 50 gold pieces). You can spend gold to acquire new characters which can either be transferred to the queue or directly to the board provided you have enough space available. Gold can also be used to level up and that too allows you to place more characters on your board - you can have a maximum of 10 characters on the board once you reach level 10. Each additional level requires more gold and in order to reach level 10 effectively, you will need to save gold whenever possible.

A winning tip!

Keep in mind you have a total of 100 lives and you will lose multiple lives based on how many enemy units survive in a wave and also based on the respective ranks of those units. You have to find a median between saving lives, accumulating gold, and choosing the right pieces. All these aspects will attribute towards your victory in a match. Additional features are continuously introduced in the game which include a ranking system as well. Players from higher ranks will be matched with opponents of comparable difficulty level in order to even out the scales in any given match. The company is also planning to introduce additional accumulated perks in the game such as cosmetic items, similar to the mechanics of Dota 2. Such perks will help players feel they are progressing in their gaming sessions and urge them to come back for more action.

The company has also introduced the game for mobile platforms recently. This version allows you to enjoy the action from the comfort of your mobile screens. The graphics are amazing, but there are few glitches, which are continuously being tackled by the developers. It is therefore quite safe to say Dota Underlords is here to stay and might become one of the most popular RTS type games of the current era.