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3 Must-Have Essentials to Crush Your At-Home Gaming Experience

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So you want to be a gamer? These days, who doesn’t? The quality of video games has never been higher. More people are playing than ever before. And some people are actually making an entire career out of it.

These really are the best of times for the gaming world. What a time to be alive.

While the barrier to entry is pretty low and the biggest factor is just having fun, there are a few things you do need if you want to make the most of your at-home gaming experience.

Whether you are new to gaming, just getting back into the saddle after some years away, or just looking to upgrade your situation, the following are the three absolute must-have essentials if you want to get the most out of it.

1. Seeing Is Believing

The type of screen you have makes a big difference in your gaming experience. As you play, you are going to be staring at a screen for long — maybe veeerrryyy loooong — stretches of time. So, even just from an aesthetic standpiont, you want to be looking at a nice image. Besides, in some games, the quality can actually impact how well you play.

The exact type of screen or monitor you go for might differ depending upon your playing style. Regardless, in general, you want something that offers 4K (or better) resolution with HDMI inputs and is as large as you can afford (within reason). You should also understand they aren’t all created equally even if the marquee specs look the same. Make sure to check into areas like aspect ratio, refresh rate, and response time along with the headlines features marketed by the manufacturers.

2. Need for Speed

Many modern games require lots of processing power and network resources to play optimally. If you really want to be serious and improve your skills, you need a connection that can keep up. Without the requisite options, you may find yourself with lags, glitches, and a lot of Ls on the scoreboard.

This makes it critical to secure the right service from the right ISP and find the best modem for gaming that you can. There are a lot of considerations to look for when it comes to getting the right modem or router. First off, you want to have a high bandwidth range, and it usually makes sense to have ethernet ports that allow wired connection if you don’t want to always rely on WiFi. Dual or twi-band frequencies can also be important to split traffic across various devices.

Along with doing a bit more research into the most important factors for gaming, don't hesitate to simply ask your internet service provider. Some reps may be a bit behind the times, but chances are that you won't be the first person looking to get the best settings for video game play at the best price.

3. Sitting Pretty

Anyone who games a lot will be sitting a lot. That's just par for the course. This means that you really should invest in a high-quality chair. Number one, you simply want to be comfortable. The last thing you want at a critical moment is to have to adjust — or walk off a cramp — and miss out on key action.

More importantly, good posture is good for your health. Ergonomics are a very real thing. No matter how young you are, your back, neck, and hips can all suffer after extended periods in the wrong type of chair. When you're logging hours and hours in from of a PC or console, it makes no sense to cheap out. You will pay for it — in one way or another — over time.

The Things Every Gamer Has to Have

The last few years have brought about a revolution in gaming. Everybody across the world is coming together for competitive group play in ways that weren't really feasible before. This has led to the rise of professional gamers and e-sports — both of which will continue pushing the medium forward even faster.

It is an exhilarating time to be a part of the community. This makes more and more people want to have an even better experience, and you will be well served by focusing primarily on getting a high-end screen, blazing-fast connection, and an ergonomic gaming chair.

You will need a lot more than this — namely skills! — to really take your gameplay to the next level. We can all only play on the level we're at, however. So, for now, you can start by focusing on getting the right gear. Then tomorrow? Domination!