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We can't claim that this data is perfect, since there is subjectivity in classifying Kickstarter projects into categories and target audiences. We also didn't have access to data on failed campaigns (we would have very much liked to include them). For anyone who wants to criticize this data and our conclusions, you are welcome to do so. However, please make sure of the following:

  1. You have read the PDF report linked to at the top of the infographic. Here we make more explanations about our findings, most notably that the Staff Pick correlation is just that: an interesting correlation. We explain that being a successful project is not necessarily an EFFECT of being chosen as a Staff Pick, but rather the quality of the project and the audience.
  2. You understand the nature of the data. Read the fine print. For all of the category and target audience breakdowns, we have removed outliers (the top and bottom 1%, which amounts to around 55 projects) to more accurately reflect the majority of campaigns. This significantly reduced the numbers for the casual/family audience and card games, for example. We don't want project creators to see more opportunity than there actually is.

Through this analysis, we believe there is evidence of compelling growth in the casual/family market compared to what we have observed in years past. This is an interesting trend, in our opinion.