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Andrew Birkett
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Hey Jan,

The Game Crafter and other POD (Print on Demand) places would be able to do it. For now that will be your best bet. Honestly, most of our prototypes have very little artwork until it is refined enough that we know we're going to produce the game with the components we have. 

Once everything is almost done I would contact a few manufacturers (James Mathe's blog has a pretty good list of them) and try to get a quote. Once you have a quote you'll for the most part be able to see if the components and pricing are feasible. If the economics seem like they'll work, get artwork and have them make a preproduction copy (most of the time they will charge for this, but some manufacturers will send you one free). Once you have preproduction copies then I would send a few out to reviewers and test the game with the rules and components (blind testing without you being involved or there would be best).