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How to Reach Casual Gamers?

We have made it clear in the past that we believe casual games and casual gamers hold the future of gaming. Our goal is to create a community of casual gamers to support one another and provide a sense of belonging to fans of casual games. Existing board gaming communities and events are far beyond the mark for casual gamers, so we have begun the task of reaching casual gamers ourselves.

However, the problem is that casual gamers are by nature quite elusive. This is partially due to the lack of a good community for them to join, but also a lot of casual gamers are only interested in occasional play with friends. We believe all of us casual gamers, as well as the industry, can benefit from a connected community of casual gamers. We can be a driving force of change in the board game industry if we work together with our voices and our wallets. I believe this will have to mainly be a grassroots movement to reach as many as we can.

So, will you help us? Will you recruit your friends to join our community? What other ideas do you have to reach casual gamers?