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Thanks for the review.


I had a chance to play some of the expansions recently at Salt Lake Gaming Con.  Unfortunately both "Traders" and "Cities" were completely in-use by other players for the couple of hours we were demoing but we played "The Orient" and "Stronghold" numerous times (individually and then mashed together).  

I definitely agree that the Stronghold wasn't amazing but it was kind of a fun way to add a little more player interaction (and confrontation) beyond just buying or reserving the card that an opponent wanted.

The Orient cards were interesting and I suspect that we'll mix them into our standard play almost every time we play Splendor (the exception might be with newbies).

I'm really interested in trying out the "Trading Posts" expansion but I'm less excited by "Cities" seems alright since you can kind of plan for it based on what people have similar to the way you plan for somebody to swoop in and grab nobles now but I'm not terribly keen on the Cities-as-victory condition.


Still, this expansion box will be added to my collection and at least parts of it will see play with most of our games of Splendor.