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As a ghost, give nonverbal clues to your teammates to help them solve your murder in Paranormal Detectives by Lucky Duck Games.

Plus: eight games to have on hand at your next party, a recap of Gen Con and Origins 2019, three tips for streamlining your gaming experience, how Floodgate Games opened the floodgates to success, and a FREE game: Night Class: Episode 1 by Epic Endeavor Games.

This issue also features reviews of Slide QuestNoctilucaBugs on RugsBlockbuster Party GameBumúntúGoodCritters, Zangle, and a special review of Fantasy Ranch by Major Fun.

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Fall 2019
Justin Spicer, Jon Den Houter, Dann Albright, Ian McEachen, Jesse Tannous, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway