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Silver Coin by Bezier Games offers new gameplay twists as the newest stand-alone game in the Silver series.

Plus: save the world from a raging virus in five great titles from the Pandemic series, the "rock stars" of game design who forever changed the world of board gaming, six categories of board gamers (which one are you?), the growing use of technology in tabletop games, how Restoration Games is revisiting the classics, and a FREE roll-and-write game: Rolling Village by D. Di Maggio.

This issue also features reviews of Mental Blocks, Age of Dirt, Stringamajig, Dragon Market, Meeple Party, Detective Club, Cabo, and a special review of Pictures by Major Fun.

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Summer 2020
Dann Albright, Jesse Tannous, Teale Fristoe, Eric Huemmer, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway