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Fixdabox is a brand new way to repair & protect your game and puzzle boxes! Fixdabox is an alternative solution to the age-old problem of dealing with worn out cardboard corners, either by applying glue, tape, transferring to tupperwares or just living with it. Their unique, patented system can be applied in minutes and includes durable, clip-on plastic corner pieces that offer a long-term solution, covering up existing unsightly damage and giving your box renewed support. Fixdabox will absorb the normal wear and tear of general use and storage and prevent further damage. Great on new boxes, too!


Available in black, red, pink and blue to match every box, or clear for a more subtle look. Available in 4 sizes to fit boxes up to 3.6" high. Fixdabox have already fixed 1960s games like Hit the Beach, Rummikub, through to classic Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Clue and the more recent Tokaido and Underwater Cities. They are best suited for classic and casual board games and puzzles. 

Fixdabox are giving away 3 sets (1 set fits 1 box) to 3 lucky US winners! Enter now for a chance to win.

Fixdabox Game Box Repair Giveaway