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Shad Gray
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DO NOT BUY THE CARDS FROM DECKEPIC! After waiting over 3 weeks, and having to email them to get my cards printed and shipped, they arrived and are NOT compatible with Cards Against Humanity.
Although they use similar templates, they print then with "DeckEpic" on the card backs instead of "Cards Against Humanity". When contacted, DeckEpic replied "One suggestion off the top of my head would be to have a separate pile with the Deck Epic cards and have everyone have a few of them at all times. So basically, they want you to create new rules to use their worthless cards. The whole point of paying for pro-printed cards was to have them blend in with the existing game. These don't. They also don't tell you this when you spend $30. Total scam. Nowhere on it's site does it tell you this and then they make excuses when customer service is contacted.
Stay AWAY from this horrible company!