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Chuck Waterman
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I agree heartily with most of your evaluation with the following exceptions:

1) This game is not about REAL mental illnesses.  It is about ACTING to make other people LAUGH!  The "delusions" on the cards are unbelievable and comical.  In other words - this is an acting game.  

I can imagine sensitive players might get hung up on the labels chosen to be written on the "point cards" (nutty / loony / etc). I'd recommend replacing those with colored chips or some such to avoid insensitivity with those players.  However, the "labels" on the point cards are IMHO the only piece of this game that could possibly be objectionable even to mental health professionals.

2) Time Per Turn.  I don't think you have completely understood the rules, if you end a round before each person has had a chance to answer a question from the psychiatrist.  This isn't really a "deduction" game.  The competition (if there is any) in this game comes from each player getting a chance to act out the delusion in a more amusing or more complete way than the other players. Then, AFTER EVERYONE answers one question, the psyciatrist is allowed to guess the symptom.  Then, all the people who answered the questions have a "1-2-3 VOTE!" and point a finger at another player who they thought did the best job acting out the delusion.  Everyone with at least one finger pointed at them gets one (and only one) point. Therefore, several people get points each turn.  That won't be possible if the turn ends whenever the psychiatrist guesses the delusion!

Chuck Waterman