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  • Hasbro is allowing fans to vote on the best Monopoly house rules. Winners will be included in the Monopoly: House Rules edition later this year.
  • The 64 Oz Games Kickstarter campaign is focused on making board games accessible to the blind. If successful, the company will produce a line of products to make existing board and card games playable for the visually impaired.
  • Z-Man Games will be releasing a kid-friendly version of Carcassonne later this year, entitled My First Carcassonne.
  • Board Game Quest interviews board game artist Xavier “Naïade” Durin.
  • New reviews this week of You’ve Been Sentenced (Across the Board Games), Forbidden Desert (Theology of Games) and Adventure Time Card Wars (
  • Boards and Bees has posted a list of the top eleven games that use player elimination, including Love Letter and Get Bit.
  • iDiva has written an article on the ways board games help kids to develop skills.
  • Scott King previews micro and deduction game Council of Verona.