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Hey Guys!

Thanks for the awesome review and time you put into it. I appreciate it very much.I am going to take this opportunity to clear up some rules for you and add them to our FAQ on our site.

The Deck should have 4 planes, not three, let me know if you only got three. You can't move backwards (unless someone played a U-Turn on you). You don't need to roll when on the train, but you must follow the tracks. And finally, the Karma cards do say what type of karma on the top left corner of the card, so you know on what vehicle to play it on. Hope these help you understand the game more. 

We are working on STAGE 2 which will add More cards to speed up gameplay, new Driver cards, and a new Weapon Deck. it will also have a customizable board to make every game, a new experience!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!