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  • Pictomania is now available for pre-order from Stronghold Games. It’s a drawing game in which players all have to draw and guess at the same time.
  • Mayfair Games has written a short piece celebrating The Settlers of Catan’s 20th anniversary and announcing some of their plans to celebrate this year.
  • Across the Board Games has written a piece, asking the question: what makes great art for a game? As someone who is heavily influenced by the art when playing a game, I found this a very interesting read.
  • New reviews this week of [Redacted] (To The Table), Dixit (Fashion, Food & the Fortress of Solitude), and Lost Legacy (
  • Gameshelf is a new website that makes it easier for gaming groups to keep track of all the games its members own.
  • Yahoo Parenting has written about the best board games to play with your children.
  • Kotaku has taken a brief look at a vintage board game Nintendo made back in 1966 before it started making video games.
  • The LA Times has written a piece about the growing popularity of board game parlors in Taiwan.
  • Asmodee Games has announced that it will have a booth again at this year’s New York Toy Fair in February.