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Tiny Epic Defenders

  • Last week Game Salute released the co-operative game Tiny Epic Defenders, the second game in the Tiny Epic line.
  • If you're a fan of the British TV show from the 60s called Thunderbirds, you'll be happy to hear a co-op board game based on the show is being released this April. The game is designed by Matt Leacock, the mind behind Pandemic.
  • A small expansion is being released for Munchkin Adventure Time on April 15.
  • New reviews this week of Sneaky Cards (The Game Aisle), Pandemic: the Cure (iSlaytheDragon), and Mascarade (The Nerds’ Table).
  • The Escapist has published a list of 8 board games that are perfect for video game fans.
  • The movie rights for another board game has been picked up recently, with Lionsgate buying the rights to Dust.
  • It's been announced that the Ghostbusters Board Game will be hitting stores in October.
  • GeekDad has a preview of the expansion for Crash Games' Council of Verona.
  • Whose Turn is it Anyway? has written an article on the subject of house rules in board games.