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Big Box O' Card Games Giveaway

This giveaway has expired. Click here to enter our latest giveaway!

The Big Box O' Games giveaway is back! This time, we're featuring five different card games from various publishers that are sure to sharpen your shuffling skills. Help us celebrate our Spring 2015 release of Casual Game Insider by entering to win.

This giveaway includes a brand new copy of each of the following games:

  • BraveRats — In this 2-player microgame, players go head to head as rivaling clans of rats. Played similar to War, each player selects a card and reveals it at the same time. The stronger card wins, unless a special power prevails.
  • Cover Your Assets — Become the first millionaire by collecting pairs of assets (money, cars, homes, etc.). The top set of assets in your stack can be stolen by other players, so be sure to protect them by covering them with more assets.
  • Scheming and Skulking — In this trick-taking card game, place a bid on how many tricks you think you can win. Then strategize to collect this many — bid right and win big!
  • Grandpa Beck's Golf — Try to get the lowest score possible by replacing high cards with low cards in your 9-card grid. You can also eliminate cards by placing 3 matching cards in a row or column.
  • Lords & Ladies — Control a noble family and their servants from the turn of the 20th century. Raise your family's status through careful marriages, hiring servants, and having children, while destroying rivaling families through gossip and backstabbing.

One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of all five games! Enter below for a chance to win, and be sure to invite your friends. (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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