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Despite the rise of digital gaming (which are terrific in themselves), good old fashioned boardgaming will not die.  They give us the hand-on tactile experience as well social experience which digital games often cannot provide.  For instance I found Talisman to be very boring via Steam digital version but it's more fun playing in person because you can tease each other or taunt each other even!  Lords of Waterdeep, one other excellent game, is far better played in person and kind of falls flat on iPad.  There are too many information you want to access as a player and on the iOS version you are constantly clicking on information boxes which become annoying for me over the long term.  Furthermore, don't get me started on playing LoW via iOS turn by turn over a week or two!  LoW is a far better experience played in person due to the ease of information access and socializing with other players.  While I am thankful I am able to play boardgames on my iPad I will always prefer to play in person with friends anytime.