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Titans of Gaming

This month Calliope Games has launched their ambitious Titan Series, which they've been talking about for the past several months. It is also the month for card games, with lots of great ones seeking funding, including a game that makes role-playing accessible for all ages.

The Titan Series

The Titan Series (Calliope Games) – The Titan Series is a group of casual gateway games created by several well-known game designers. There will be at least nine games released in the series, which will come out over a period of three years, with three to five additional games planned as stretch goals. The games will be shipped out three at a time each year and the Kickstarter page has information on the first three games planned for release.

JunKing (Imp Lands Game)

JunKing (Imp Lands Game) – Players take on the role of Scavanger Imps, a society in which the imp with the best hoard of junk is made head of the tribe. Players collect various pieces of junk, which can be equipped in order to use their special abilities, while used junk goes into their hoard. When the crown card is drawn from the deck, the player with the highest value of junk (both what is equipped and what's in their hoard) wins the round.

The Siblings Trouble

The Siblings Trouble (Eduardo Baraf) – A card game that turns the RPG experience into a 30-minute story-telling game that's both casual and family friendly. Take on the role of siblings and travel through a mysterious place such as the Ancient Forest and use story telling to defeat monsters and earn treasure.

Cuisine a la Card

Cuisine a la Card (InMotion) – A deck-building card game for two players in which you are contestants competing on a cooking show, gathering ingredients to make your dish to present to judges who award you points based on various criteria.


EJiPT (Laboratory) – A competitive racing game that's played in less then half an hour. In EJiPT you race to be the first to return your ankhs. The first two can be taken in any order, which means you just have to move as fast as you can, while the third must always be returned last, meaning that it's easier for players to block you. Each turn you roll a die and can move up to that many spaces, while each space is an action when you land on it — even a low number on the die may take you far.

Hard Day's Knight

Hard Day's Knight (Toystorian Enterprises) – Magic and fantasy meets pop culture in Hard Day's Knight, a card and dice manipulation game. Cards all have special abilities which allow you to control the dice, which you then use to complete quests. Completed quests earn you income and laurels which you use to gain gifts of gallantry to impress the princess.

A Chaotic Life!

A Chaotic Life! (GrubTon Games) – Players work together to guide one person through life, starting when that person is a baby, taking them through childhood, the teen years, adulthood and even into old age, with each choice made affecting the future stages of the character's life. Players can collaborate or work against each other to bring happiness or pure chaos into the person's life.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.