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Bring Your Own Book

  • Gamewright has announced a whole slew of new games that will be premiered this February at the New York Toy Fair. These games include Baba Yaga, a new card game based on the classic fairy tale, Skiwampus, a pattern matching puzzle game, and Bring Your Own Book, a party game in which players have to find quotes from their favorite books in order to answer various questions put to them by a judge.
  • Z-Man Games has announced a new social game, Knit Wit, designed by Matt Leacock, the mind behind Pandemic. The game is set to be released in March. You can watch its first teaser trailer here.
  • Clever Move has two important suggestions for hosting game nights in a small apartment.
  • New reviews this week of CoCoCross (Major Fun), Flick 'em Up! (Shut Up and Sit Down), and Burgle Bros. (Theology of Games).
  • Geek and Sundry has posted up a list of four pocket-sized games that can be played anywhere.
  • Geek Time has written up a piece about why it views 2015 as the year of the "board game renaissance."
  • SlashFilm has some suggestions for board games that would appeal to video game fans.
  • Omaha World-Herald is asking readers to submit any weird house rules they've come up with for board games. Got any?