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Gaming Motivation Survey

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Gaming Motivation Survey

Hi Everyone,

For a study, I would like to ask for your assistance by participating in a survey. The study aims to find out what motivate gamers to play games on gaming platforms, such as Smartphone, PC, Console. In this survey, you will be asked to answer a series of questions about your prior experience in gaming. It will take under 20 minutes to complete the survey. Your answers will be used for research purpose only.

Anyone who has played video games on any platform can join the survey. Please follow the link to participate:

Thank You!

Sheikh Mannan
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Now It's time to play! We are looking for players like you to share their ideas about what motivates them most to play games on different gaming platforms, such as Smartphone, PC, Console. As one of the participants in this short survey, you will be helping us to reveal what motivates people like you to game more. Dubai Classifieds

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