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Casual Game Revolution has collected and analyzed two full years of Kickstarter data in the Tabletop Games section. This infographic shows funding statistics by game category and target audience. More »

Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! We are giving away five great games worth nearly $140! Help us celebrate our Summer 2016 release of Casual Game Insider and 5th year Kickstarter campaign by entering to win. More »

Politics. In this heated election season, it's easy to make enemies. But Andrew Nerger and the rest of the team at Road to Infamy Games have turned political debates upside down. More »

The Spiel des Jahres winner has been announced, and both Fireside Games and Gamelyn Games has announced new expansions. More »

There’s a wide range of card games this month, each with clever and unique themes such as secret communication, mischievous cats, and final judgement. More »

Clue is getting a new player character, King of New York has an expansion coming out, and Dastardly Dirigibles has been released. More »

Currently on Kickstarter, this bluffing card game puts you in the role of thieves casing a museum, stealing treasure, and occasionally telling a few whoppers. More »

When used properly to follow through on promises to supporters, Kickstarter can prove an absolutely wonderful resource for companies who may have otherwise not existed. Few companies know that as well as More »

This easy-to-learn card game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and was designed with the goal of amusing kids and engaging adults. It’s not afraid to be a little cheeky with its theme and you can tell its designers clearly had a More »

The Summer 2016 issue of Casual Game Insider has been released! We have also launched our 5th year Kickstarter campaign — help us get into hundreds of Books-A-Million stores. More »

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CGI#16: Ultimate Vampire, Deck-Building, Surprising Origins, and Playing for Credits

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