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Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! This time, we are giving away four great party games for your enjoyment. Help us celebrate the Spring 2016 release of Casual Game Insider by entering to win—then have a blast at your next party! More »

Some card games feel made for a lazy Saturday afternoon of casual games and low-key fun. Nuts about Mutts is one such game, calling to mind the nostalgia of several classic card games while still managing to stand on its own two More »

Choosing 3 casual casino games that can be played online is a tough call, because people are going to discuss the meaning of the term 'casual' differently. Some people consider a game casual if More »

After forty-two hours of gaming, five games were selected from sixty-three competing games to win this year’s Mensa Select award. More »

I hate paper money.  Not American greenbacks, but rather the pink-backs, white-backs, blue-backs or whatever color money it is that comes with a particular game.  Inevitably, it gets bent, torn or mutilated.  Maybe all of the above.  Then More »

Doctor Panic has been released, the Mensa Select winners have been announced, and Fireside Games is hosting a Munchkin Panic giveaway. More »

There’s a little bit of everything this month, from pure strategy set around Greek gods, to press-your-luck dice games about racing to the Antarctic. More »

Pretzel Games has announced Junk Art, three new games are available for pre-order from IELLO, and Fireside Games has released Here, Kitty, Kitty! More »

The orchestra has a troublesome artiste in its midst and the manager wants him out! But this isn’t easy when everyone’s roles keep being switched and everything is muddled.

This 4 to 8 player game of bluffing and social deduction More »

Check out some practical benefits of skipping the gas station and getting your tickets online. With the recent surge of jackpot winners, more people are playing than ever before, and with the more people playing, the jackpots are getting More »

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