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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Fast-Paced, Casual Fun Explodes on Kickstarter


Casual Games have a big presence on Kickstarter right now, almost like never before. This is our biggest crowdfunding roundup yet, packed full of some fun and exciting casual games seeking your support. Take a look!


Tessen (Van Ryder Games)Tessen is a fast-paced, 15 minute card game that is thematically rich with great Japanese-style artwork. Players simultaneously draw and build their animal piles, and attack their opponent with warrior cards to try and capture animals. The game combines set collection with a battle component that makes this a unique speed game that is sure to be fun and challenging.


Neptune (Jason Glover)Neptune is a trick taking card game that adds a twist on the traditional trump suit by using 3 suits, each that can trump one suit and be trumped by another (rock-paper-scissors style). The game is very simple, with a nice mix of luck and strategy. Rounds play in about 5 minutes, so it’s a great filler between games or can be played multiple times for a longer experience.


CarmaRace (Board to Death) – In CarmaRace, players engage in a hitchhiking race for the ultimate prize. Players must cross the country in unconventional ways (since no players have a car) and be the first to reach the coveted “Collectable” that’s up for grabs. The game is humorous and strategic, but with built in means of simplification for new or younger players. Will karma be on your side in your journey to victory?

Angry Sheep

Angry Sheep (Secret Weapon) Angry Sheep is a fast-paced dice game. Roll custom dice to round up sheep (the game comes with cute injection molded sheep to keep score with). However, it gets tricky when other players start stealing your sheep, or the revolutionary “Sheep Guevara” shows up to free your sheep.

Top Promoter

Top Promoter (Game Salute) Top Promoter is a card game all about bankrolling boxing matches to make the most money. Each player has 15 fighters and 5 action cards to work with. Fights get resolved with dice rolls. Play your cards with skill and hope luck is on your side, and you just might be the next Top Promoter and walk out with all the cash.


Vici (Game Salute)Vici is an intriguing war game that brings combat, army building, and war strategy together in a 45 minute game that is relatively simple to learn. There are a lot of tactical choices. The object is simple: take over the enemy camp across the board. But achieving that goal will take skill and careful planning.

A Duel Betwixt Us

A Duel Betwixt Us (Game Salute)A Duel Betwixt Us is a clever and humorous card game in which 2 players duel in the ancient gentlemanly tradition to win the love of maidens. The methods of attack and in-duel tricks are varied and often quite comical. Additionally, the game blends strategic resource management, investment trade-offs, and combat tricks.

Them's Fightin' Words!

Them's Fightin' Words! (7/5 Games)Them's Fightin' Words! is a simple game of old-west insults that is bound to get a lot of laughs. Each turn, players add another word to the insult (e.g. “You low-down varmint” then becomes “You low-down yellow-bellied varmint”). The new word covers the previous one, so players must remember the entire string of insults to sling at their opponent each turn or they’ll take the cards – three strikes and you’re out.


Pigpen (BigRye)Pigpen is a down-and-dirty card game in which players work to build the best pigpens and trap the most pigs. Work fast, before your neighbors come and saw your pen in half or knock it down. It’s a ruthless race to collect the most ham.

Roll Call

Roll Call (Micah Nelson)Roll Call is essentially an updated version of the classic game Liar's Dice. The game appears to be made with great components that make it portable and user-friendly. If you don’t already have all the dice and cups you need for Liars Dice or you’d like something that travels well and looks great, check out Roll Call.

Unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.