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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Gems, Jewels, and Orbs

Dungeon Busters

Fantasy takes center stage this month, with magical creatures inhabiting dungeons, attacking cities, and even playing a few rounds of baseball.

Dungeon Busters

Dungeon Busters (Mayday Games) – In this clever card game, players are adventurers questing through a dungeon and collecting gems. Unfortunately, there are also monsters throughout the dungeon, each with a certain value. Players simultaneously play a numbered card from their hands. Any numbers that match are discarded. The value of all the remaining cards are added together. If the value is lower than the monster's, then the players lose the fight and whichever adventurer played the lowest number loses some of their gems. However if the value of all the adventurers’ cards are equal to or greater than the monster's value, the adventurers win, and the one who played the lowest numbered card gets the best reward.

Dark Ring: Hong Kong

Dark Ring: Hong Kong (Man Yau) – Players are attempting to collect magical orbs. You each draw cards from the deck. Each card has an action but is also worth a certain number of points if scored. At the start of each turn, one player is the ‘host'. Every player chooses a card to play. The host then looks at these cards and deals one face down to each player. Going around the table, each player may use one of their card's actions to move, switch, or change the facedown card in front of them. After each player has had a chance to play two actions, they must decide either to discard their facedown card or to flip it over and score it. A new player will then take on the role of host, and play continues until someone has scored ten cards. Be sure to watch the Kickstarter video for an intriguing in-game backstory.

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball (CSE Games) – Fantasy baseball meets, well, fantasy, in Fantasy Fantasy Baseball, a game in which you are a wizard manager of a baseball team composed of magical, fantastical creatures. Your players all have varying degrees of baseball skill. The game is divided into several months, each of which is in turn divided into four weeks. Each week has a win condition, which is determined by drawing a card from a deck. The win conditions are a combination of baseball player stats, such as home runs and stolen bases. If the magical creature you played that week has more of those stats combined than their opponents, you win that week. Making things more complicated is the fact that creatures have magical abilities that can be activated and different event cards affect every month.


Jewels (E9solutions Ltd) – Players are trying to become the richest merchant by collecting as many coins as possible. Coins are earned by selling gems and jewelry you have crafted. Event cards effect each turn, either helping or hindering you. You must take your jewels to cities to sell to the different characters there. However monsters will also attack cities, stealing gems, and will have to be defeated before you can continue to conduct business.


Wordwright (Defined Mind) – In this new kind of word game, players are building words, not with letters but with parts of words: roots, prefixes, suffixes, syllables. Different word parts are worth different amounts of points. Their cards also feature common variations of the word part that you can use when building the words. The deck comes with several different games you can play with the cards, and gameplay is built for both children and adults.

Jail Break

Jail Break (Paper Street Comics) – You are trying hard to break out of prison. As you navigate the prison you must attempt to gain three resources: a blueprint, keycard, and tool. You do this either through searching or fighting other inmates. You then have to make it to the location listed on your blueprint in order to enact your escape. Each game is a little different, as each time you play you will randomize the layout of the prison, both the shape of it and where the rooms are located. Your skills will also change depending on which prisoner you are dealt at the start of the game.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.