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News Flash: Batman The Animated Series Dice Game and Restoration Games

Batman The Animated Series Dice Game

Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game Released
From Steve Jackson Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment, comes a Batman dice game released this week.  "In Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, players attempt massive bank heists as classic Batman Super-Villains like The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. How much loot can you grab before the alarm bells summon the Caped Crusader"

Restoration Games Announces Its First Three Games
Restoration Games is a brand new company whose goal is to bring back old out of print games and both tweak and restore them. The company has already announced its first three games.

Gold Digger Released on Google Play
The press-your-luck game published by Cheapass Games has received a digital adaptation. “In Gold Digger, you and your arch rival are mining for gold. Your goal is to collect the most gold without causing too many accidental bone-jarring, cave-collapsing explosions.”

The Morning News Gift Guide for Games
The Morning News has posted up a list of the best new games to give as gifts this year. “Board games are always the answer. After a dinner party, when conversation dwindles. At family gatherings, when politics loom. When you want to give a good gift, but aren’t sure where to start. Begin here, with 10 of the best from 2016.”

Board Game Family Gift Guide
The board game family has also posted up their gift guide for 2016.

GeekDad Roundup of New Games for December 2016
The year is almost up, but there are still a few more games being released before the year is out.

Quiz to Recommend Board Games
Geek and Sundry reports on a quiz you fill out in order to receive board game recommendations. "The crew over at Quantic Foundry has a quiz that will help you determine your motivations when gaming and then recommend some games based on your profile."