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News Flash: HOP! and Engines of War


Passport Game Studios Announces HOP!
This family-friendly game will be hitting stores soon. "HOP! is an all new family game from Funforge and Passport Game Studios. Players take on the role of "Hurlers", "Skewerers", "Turbulators", and "Assisters" in this wacky game of dexterity, challenges, and laughs."

Castle Panic: Engines of War is Released
The third Castle Panic expansion was released last week. “Engines of War introduces a light economic mechanic to the world of Castle Panic. The Engineer uses new Resource cards to build Catapults, Ballistas, Barricades, and more to better defend the Castle from the growing Monster threat.”

Asmodee Digital Releases Colt Express on PC, iOS and Android
The game was released on November 28th, and a trailer is available on Youtube. “The digital game inspired by the award-winning Western tabletop game Colt Express! Plot your scheme step by step, then dive into the action to loot the wagons- but watch out, you are not the only train robber plotting to become rich today.”

The Board Game Family Writes About Digital Board Games
The website lists a few new digital board game adaptations that they're excited for.

BoardGameGeek Gift Guide
BoardGameGeek has published their annual gift guide. "We believe that board games make the best gifts because they bring family and friends together for memorable experiences while providing hours and hours of entertainment. They also stimulate the brain and can teach useful skills."

Pop Dust Reviews Tabletopia
Tabletopia is a 3D virtual simulator for board games. “Tabletopia is, like its predecessors, a 3D virtual simulator. It has the sandbox qualities that allow you to mess around with individual pieces and cards while also possessing subtle efficiency features like board rotation, vs. PC single-player options and the like.”

PC Advisor Recommends Top 10 Board Games For Christmas
Check out the list for some Christmas shopping suggestions.