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News Flash: Teeter Tower Released, Two New Big G Creative Games

Teeter Tower

Teeter Tower Released
Gamewright Games has released a new cooperative dexterity dice game. "Work as team to roll dice and stack them on each new level. The challenge is that every tile limits dice placement by color and number. As the tower rises—so does the tension! "

Two New Games from Big G Creative
Big G Creative has released two new party games, Verses and Glyphics. "Glyphics is the creative party game for everybody! It’s charades without acting. It’s doodling without drawing[...] Life is full of moments…wild, rude, or downright cringe. Verses is the head nodding party game that gives these moments a beat! Players match Moment Cards with Song Cards – featuring the biggest pop bangers from the past few decades – hoping their choice is voted the funniest."
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Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game Announced
Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a new card game, set for release in early 2023. "Each player is dealt three Movie Cards, which are arranged in order by their Tomatometer scores and form each player’s Movie Collection. Then during each player’s turn, the player to their right draws a Movie Card and reads the movie’s title and other details except its Tomatometer score. The active player guesses where the movie’s Tomatometer score fits among their current cards. If they are correct, the card is added to their Movie Collection."

Crossing Oceans Coming Soon
Rio Grande Games has announced Crossing Oceans, set for release this fall. "Towards the end of the 19th Century, ever larger and faster ocean liners revolutionized the growing maritime traffic. Daring shipping companies opened steamship lines to the most important ports worldwide. Modern steel juggernauts replaced traditional sailing ships and competed intensely for dominance on the major shipping routes. As the owner of one of these companies, build a thriving fleet and guide it to economic prosperity. "

Ragnarocks Pre-Order
Grey Fox Games has a new two-player area control board game available for pre-order. "You take on the role of a Viking clan using Runestones to mark your clan’s claims of land. In the advanced game, your clan worships one of these powerful beings from another realm who lends you their power to help you outwit rivals and claim territories for your clan. At the end of the game, the clan who controls the most territory in Midgard wins!"

The Night Cage (GeekDad): “If you enjoy tile-laying games and mazes, and you don’t mind sometimes losing to bad luck and sometimes losing to bad decisions, The Night Cage is a delightfully doom-filled game, perfect for a spooky game night.”

Just One (Geeks Under Grace): “Just One delivers accessible, engaging, cooperative, social-deduction fun.”

5211 Azul Edition (The Tabletop Family): “5211 plays well at all player counts. While 5211 is a straightforward game our 6-year-old can play independently, the strategies for winning require tactical thinking and feels extremely rewarding and earned.”