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News Flash: Wildstyle Released, Space Mountain Board Game Announced

Wildstyle Released
Pandasaurus Games has released Wildstyle, a new real-time game designed for 2-5 players. "Quickly grab the cards you need to claim different districts of the town. As your crew takes over train stations, residential blocks and industrial wastelands, try to complete objectives and maximize your score. This fast and frenetic game is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages."
Space Mountain Game: All Systems Go Released
Ravensburger has released a new board game, themed around a Disney Park ride. The game is currently available for purchase at Target. "Prepare yourself for a fast-flying board game adventure to the furthest reaches of Space! Zip over wormholes and perform Daring twists and turns around asteroids, comets, unknown planets, and more. Will you be the first brave pilot to visit all five Starports and complete your mission?"
Keymaster Games Pumpkin Contest
Keymaster Games is hosting a pumpkin carving contest. "You can enter carvings to the contest until Halloween. After that, we'll select five winners to receive a commemorative pumpkin carving cutting board and a $50 gift card to our store (just in time for holiday shopping).
Ghosts Love Candy Too Release
25th Century Games will be releasing Ghosts Love Candy Too on October 19th. "Playing the game is easy. Select one of your ghost cards to bid for turn order. Then resolve by choosing a kid to haunt, taking their candy then using their unique ability. Treats score at the end of the game based on your ghosts specific preferences."
Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro
Renegade Game Studios has announced that it is expanding it's licensing partnership with Hasbro, which will see results in 2023. "The plans include a brand new site for Axis & Allies, along with a world championship, and fan involvement in selecting new themes to add to the line. Fans will also see new printings of staples for the line as well as the return of some long out of print editions. Fans of RoboRally and Diplomacy can look forward to new reprints of these classics hitting store shelves soon."
Persona 5 Royal Card Game
Pandasaurus has announced a new card game, set for release next year. “Players will take on the roles of their favorite Phantom Thieves and fight to change the world in this cooperative card-based strategy game.”
Yosemite (What's Eric Playing): “If you’re interested in a quick two-player game with some strategic animal collection, you’re a big fan of Yosemite, or you just like a game with a great-looking cover, try playing Yosemite sometime! I thought it was solid.”
Formosa Flowers (Opiniated Gamers): “A quick and easy game, one that is really not too complex; yet there are still some challenging decisions to be made concerning risking higher multipliers by playing on. ”
Dead and Breakfast (GeekDad): “Overall, I think Dead & Breakfast will appeal to those who want a lightly spooky theme with their tile-laying games. The player interaction is light and mostly comes in the form of taking a tile that somebody else wants, or leaving the ghost in a place so they can’t reach the tile they need.”