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News Flash - Flashback: Lucy Released, Rubik's 50th Anniversary

Flashback: Lucy

Flashback: Lucy Released
The second game in the Flashback line has officially been released by Scorpion Masqué. "In Flashback: Lucy, you play a young girl with strange powers who inherits a mysterious mansion in which dark events have taken place. Explore this disturbing location and learn more about Lucy, her power, her family, and her role in this great story. With the Flashback mechanism, travel to the past through Lucy's visions and encounter the shadow that haunts the mansion. Put yourself in the shoes of the characters and discover their points of view, gather clues, puzzle out mysteries, and answer the questions asked of you."

Rubik's 50th Anniversary
To mark the Rubik's Cube's 50th anniversary Spin Master has announced a line of new games and cubes, set to be released throughout the year, including a new board game titled Rubik's Gridlock. "A new challenge, to test flexible thinking and problem-solving skills. With blocks in place, the objective is to fit all of the pieces onto the board to solve each puzzle."

Comic Book Hunters Announced
Arcane Wonders and Spin Master are set to publish a board game about collecting Marvel comics. "Comic Book Hunters, which sees up to four players compete to build the best collection of Marvel comic book covers, is set for a release in Fall this year."

Patchwork 10th Anniversary Edition
Lookout Games has announced a 10th anniversary edition to celebrate Patchwork. "This reprint of a Lookout classic will introduce a brand new color scheme and new artwork and will get some extra "bling" for the box."

New Games from Ares
Ares Games has announced three new games, including a cooperative game and a 3D tile-placement game. "Three new games to be released in the second half of the year: the thematic games Altay – Dawn of Civilization and Viking Route, and the family game Builders of Sylvan Dale."

Wine Cellar Announced
25th Century Games has announced Wine Cellar, an auction game set for release in 2025. " Over the course of eight rounds in Wine Cellar, players will collect wine bottles to create a cellar for their client. Bottles will be arranged to create a timeline for the order in which the wine will be consumed. Each bottle is worth different amounts based upon where it is in the timeline. Players will also receive points based on their client's preferences for wine type and country of origin."

Starlings Box One (Coopgestalt): “Calling Starlings “just an activity” does it an injustice: the phrase on the cover captures the spirit of the game more than anything! This is An Adventure in A Box! Assuming you like the youngish silly vibe, we think you will absolutely love this journeying through this adventure. This is the funnest time we’ve had in a while!”

UnBoxed (Board Game Gumbo): "I like how the game ratchets up the difficulty in the puzzles as we move through each of the dig sites, each game building a little bit on the previous experience in ways best left for you to discover.”

Artisans of Splendent Vale (GeekDad): “This is a story that explores community and relationships and well-being as much as adventure and excitement. Sometimes we gather to help a character who’s feeling anxious; sometimes a character goes for a run by themselves to clear their mind. It’s a flawed but beautiful game that imagines a flawed beautiful world, in a way that expresses hope and joy, and that’s pretty great.”

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