News Flash: Look at the Stars Released, Ticket to Ride Paris Announced | Casual Game Revolution

News Flash: Look at the Stars Released, Ticket to Ride Paris Announced

News Flash

Look at the Stars Released
Pandasaurus has brought Look at the Stars to the U.S., which was originally published by Bombyx in 2022. "All players will have their own personal Night Sky board to form Constellations on. Each turn a Night Card will be revealed, showing lines that must be drawn. These lines may be mirrored, rotated, and connected to other lines to form longer Constellations."

Ticket to Ride: Paris Announced
Days of Wonder has announced the next entry in the popular Ticket to Ride line of games. "In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride game, players race one another to visit the most iconic locations of the beautiful French capital and complete their Destination Tickets."

Aqua Released
The Op has released their new game, Aqua. "Aqua invites players to dive into the beauty and wonder of the ocean, delivering an incredible variety of game play experience for the whole family. For 1-4 players, this unique game offers solo play and optional modes along with stunning artwork that brings the diversity of the ocean to life. "

A Gentle Rain Announced
Incredible Dream Studios has announced A Gentle Rain, set to be released this summer. "A cozy tile placement game for 1 or more players that offers a relaxing 15-minute challenge. Perfect for a mental reset during a busy day or as a compliment to your transition ritual between quieter and busier moments of your day."

Renegade Game Studios Valentine's Sale
Up through February 14th, Renegade Game Studios is running a sale on all their 2-player and solo games.

Best Push Your Luck Games
The Gamer has done a roundup of some of their favorite push-your-luck tabletop games. "From underwater treasure hunts to balancing acts with spicy nachos, these games keep you teetering on the thrilling tightrope between triumph and disaster. We're diving deep into the best push-your-luck board games of the year, where every turn is a pulse-pounding decision and luck walks hand in hand with strategy."

Time’s Up! Family Edition (Geeks Under Grace): “The best edition ever of one the best party games ever.”

The Perfect Wave (Gaming With Sidekicks): “Overall The Perfect Wave is the perfect addition to your collection and one I expect to see on our table for quite some time.”

Sherlock 13 (GeekDaily): “A very straightforward game about not being straightforward while also deducing the culprit before anyone else. The rules are easy to grasp and lend themselves to youngsters learning.”

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