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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Power Vacuums and One-Hit Heroes

Power Vacuum

Ready to build up a castle and take down your opponent’s? Or, perhaps you’d rather build a tree, branch by branch, and bud by bud? This month's campaigns include all of this plus cyber pets, Game of Thrones, and heroes who can be knocked out in one hit.

Power Vacuum

Power Vacuum (Keen Bean Studio) – In this trick-taking card game, while you want to win tricks to earn points, losing tricks with low numbers allows you to redirect power between players on the power board, working towards your hidden agenda card which determines which player you want to have the most power and who you want to have the least. Complete your hidden agenda at the end of the round, and you'll earn a lot of bonus points. Suits are also visible on the back of cards, so players have some information to work with. The game is played over 3-4 rounds, with players using their points to buy statue pieces. The first player to complete his statue wins the game.

One-Hit Heroes

One-Hit Heroes (Wiggles 3D) – In One-Hit Heroes, players cooperatively fight through different settings featuring different enemies. The enemies have multiple hit points, while players are each playing as heroes with a single hit point. Players want to take the bosses down quickly, but the more damage a boss is dealt, the more powerful their attacks become. However, each time players defeat a boss, they unlock new cards to make their heroes more powerful.


Bloomchasers (Very Special Games) – Each turn, you draw a new branch and decide where to place it on the communal tree. You will also use one of the weather cards on the display to place buds of your player color onto the tree. You are trying to place buds so that they will form one of the specific flower formations in order to score points.

Castle Up

Castle Up (Wolley Games) – At the start of each round, new cards are added to the display. On a player’s turn, he activates his cards. Different cards give different actions for players to perform, from buying from the display, giving resources, upgrading a card a player already has with a more modern card of the same type, to purchasing an ability card (which will be active for one turn) and attacking another player's card in an attempt to damage it.

Cyber Pet Quest

Cyber Pet Quest (Dead Alive Games)Cyber Pet Quest is a cooperative campaign game designed to be travel-friendly, with levels that only take 30-45 minutes to play. Players roll dice to generate luck or energy. Energy is used to explore and move through locations, gathering items, completing objectives, and attacking enemies. Players level up, gaining new special abilities which they will use luck points to activate.

Tiny Epic Game of Thrones

Tiny Epic Game of Thrones (Gamelyn Games) – Based on the popular book and television series, Tiny Epic Game of Thrones is played over six rounds. On your turn, you perform two actions, selecting from six. One action you choose from off of your action mat, while the other action is determined by which die you draft. However, all other players can also perform the die action. Cards have multiple purposes, boosting attacks or helping you to retreat, or buying alliances. The game also has a fully cooperative expansion, in which players work together against the night king.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.