Giveaway FAQ

Why are your giveaways only open to U.S. residents?

We would absolutely love to open up our giveaways to international residents. Unfortunately, we are bound by very strict legal ramifications. Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding giveaways. To legally comply with the giveaway laws of every country around the world would require legal costs that are far out of our reach at this time. If we were instead to ignore these laws, we would potentially be subject to criminal prosecution or hefty fines that could put us out of business. Thus, we have decided to limit our giveaways to U.S. residents only (who constitute the majority of our readership).

Why are your giveaways only open to adults, age 18 or older?

Offering giveaways to minors would also add a very tangled web of legal issues that are beyond our ability to work around at this time. Minors who hope to enter our giveaways are required to ask a parent or legal guardian to enter for them.