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Party Game

A game that primarily uses social interaction as the basis for gameplay.

Ferret out the weasel, in this social deduction, clue-giving game where even you don’t know your own team each round.

How successful are you at deducing a person’s job and secret based on their answers to a select handful of questions?

Pass gifts around the table and try to track where each one ends up in this memory party game.

How well do you know the other players? Can you predict their answers to a series of questions and how close they’ll come to your own?

A party game featuring beautiful nature photography, in which having a card that best fits a given word can earn you points, as can having a card that least fits it.

Rank people and characters, fictional and real, against bizarre or random criteria.

A cooperative party game, Not That Movie is all about guessing plots from made up movie mash-ups.

A triva game about answering questions across a range of generations. Earn bonus points each time you answer one outside of your own generation.

A cooperative, thematic party game about giving each other clues to find each other’s paths from word to word.

Choose carefully which objectives you try to complete in this tasty game of collecting chips.