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Floodgate Games

Floodgate Games has announced three new expansions for Sagrada, Z-Man Games has a new card game for pre-order, and Mice and Mystics may be getting a film adaptation.

The newest game in the Tiny Epic line hits Kickstarter this month, while Green Couch Games also brings their newest card game to the site. This month also offers a unique 3D board, two player cards games, and a board game of summoning magic.

Floodgate Games has released a new storytelling game, a Uwe Rosenberg designed game has been announced, and an expansion to Clank! In! Space! is on the way.

What happens to an adventuring hero’s loot and equipment when he dies? It goes up for auction of course, for aspiring heroes to bid on.

An expansion to Sagrada will be released later this year, Renegade Game Studios has a new game out, and Grey Fox Games has announced a new imprint.

The votes have been tallied and a winner has been announced for our first annual Best Casual Game of the Year award: Sagrada by Floodgate Games! Congratulations to the publisher and the designers, Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews, for a job well done.

This month features several games with intriguing themes, from adorable pandas to supercomputers attempting to hack each other. There are also a couple of two player games, if you’re looking for something to play when you can’t bring a big group together.