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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Monsters, Mutiny, and Rock

Isle of Monsters

From gods battling it out through rock and roll, to a game that only costs a dollar, this month’s Kickstarters have a little something of everything.

Isle of Monsters

Isle of Monsters (Mayday Games) – Capture creatures and turn them into scary monsters by feeding them local plants. Use these monsters to compete in the local competition to produce the most terrifying monster to be the island's protector. Each round of the game is separated into three phases. During the first phase, players choose to capture monsters or food on their turn. This phase continues until all players pass. During the second phase, players collect the captured and fed monsters into their hand, and during the third phase, each player may play a set of monsters of matching colors to compete to become the most terrifying monster.

Space Base Mutiny

Space Base Mutiny (Dimensional Games) – In this two-player game you can invade a location of a space station on your turn. If you control three spaces of the same color, you can use that color's special ability against your opponent. There are also special races which each have unique abilities when attacking an enemy unit. And what’s more, the game is only one dollar.

The Lords of Rock

The Lords of Rock (SolarFlare Games) – Players take on the roles of gods, duking it out in a rock and roll battle to see who will gain control of the universe. Each player chooses a pantheon, and then selects her band members from that. During each round, players take turns selecting a venue for the bands to compete in. Different venues will earn different numbers of fans, and some will also give the winner a special power. Each band member has different musical strengths, not all of which can be used in each venue. Players send as many band members as they can, and then play set list cards face up on other players or face down on themselves in order to help out their band or sabotage an opponent’s. Whoever has the strongest band after everyone has finished playing set cards for that venue, wins the most fans from it. You can read our review of the game here.

Fire of Eidolon

Fire of Eidolon (Magic Meeple Games) – This co-op dungeon crawling game is quick and light, playing in 30 to 40 minutes. Each player controls a hero who has its own unique strengths and powers. The dungeon is created by laying down tiles, changing the set-up of the dungeon each game. Action points instead of dice are used to determine what you can do. Various threat cards are drawn throughout the game, causing threats to appear throughout the dungeon. As the game progresses, the danger in the dungeon also increases and more threat cards will be drawn.


Gondola (Big Kid Games) – In this tile placing game, players are racing through the canals of Venice in gondolas. During the game you play tiles, building the canals off of the starting tiles. Tiles not only list the speed and current of the water, but also how many gondolas it can hold. Some tiles will even give you specials action. There are five check points you must find and reach in order to win the game.

Fishy Tactics

Fishy Tactics (Toby Fairclough) – Lay out the cloth board and place a fish on each tile with the crocodile in the middle. On your turn you use the spinner to determine which direction (and what fish!) the crocodile eats. You then role a die, moving a fish that many spaces towards your boat. Beware! Other players can try to steal fish from you on their turn and some fish will be worth more than others at the end of the game.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.