The latest news about the Casual Game Revolution program and the board game industry.

There are games aplenty which offer players an experience intended to transport them to fantastical, futuristic, or even horrifying settings, but there is also another type of game which tries to perfectly encapsulate feeling grounded in reality. In this particular instance we’re talking about a game called Sweet Spot which attempts to replicate the act of playing a professional game of tennis through the medium of a simple card game. Sweet Spot is a 2-4 player game which pits participants against each other in a deeply strategic game of tennis.

Rather Dashing Games has announced Element, Fireside Games has a sneak peak of Castle Panic: Engines of War, and Z-Man Games posts a preview of their Essen games.

Hyperbole Games has a new game available for pre-order, Asmodee has announced a new game in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective game line, and BoardGameGeek is running a survey for its front page redesign.

From gods battling it out through rock and roll, to a game that only costs a dollar, this month’s Kickstarters have a little something of everything.

Codenames: Pictures has a release month, Gen Con gets recapped, and Asmodee iis n talks with F2Z Entertainment.

Casual Game Insider is fully funded and we are full speed ahead for our 5th year! Our Kickstarter campaign ended on August 8, 2016 with a total funding amount of $36,610.

The Spiel des Jahres winner has been announced, and both Fireside Games and Gamelyn Games has announced new expansions.

There’s a wide range of card games this month, each with clever and unique themes such as secret communication, mischievous cats, and final judgement.

Clue is getting a new player character, King of New York has an expansion coming out, and Dastardly Dirigibles has been released.

Casual Game Revolution has collected and analyzed two full years of Kickstarter data in the Tabletop Games section. This infographic shows funding statistics by game category and target audience.