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Smirk & Dagger Games

This month brings a party role-playing game to Kickstarter, as well as a remake of a classic 1980’s board game. There’s also rabbits, sightseeing, gardens, and lich lords.

A Halloween-themed version of boop. has been announced, Wizkids has a new game coming soon, and Funko Games has announced a new Star Wars card game.

Enter to win a brand new copy of boop. by Smirk & Laughter games, just in time for the holidays. You're welcome.

There's been a rupture and oil is spilling into the ocean. Players must race to rescue the wildlife in the area and prevent the oil from causing a major disaster!

There are a number of games with cozy themes this month on Kickstarter, from one about dog walking businesses to two separate games about plants. There is also a solo game about mountain climbing and a cooperative game centered on fighting oil spills, while the newest game in the Mint series has hit Kickstarter.

July brings some truly unique gaming experiences to Kickstarter, from the innovative mechanics of a pop-up puzzle game to the original atmosphere of a tile placement game in which players are trapped prisoners.

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth — you will have to use them, and maybe a little virtue, if you wish to win this game.

Oxygen is running low, the power’s dead. Can you fix the ship and save the crew? But more importantly: can everyone on board be trusted?

Players are lab assistants, competing to get their name put on the research paper. How far will you go for academic glory?

Smirk & Dagger Games has released a new game, Tasty Minstrel has a new game set for release at the end of the month, and Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a new Steven Universe game.