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Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad
Game Description: 

An unknown terrorist organization is on the rise, looking to spread fear while profiting from the chaos they create. You, your fellow members of the Retro City Comb Squad, and your trusty bomb disposal robot are all that stands between these dastardly villains and the innocent civilians of Retro City.

Lives are at stake. Time is ticking. Let's go!

Join the Bomb Squad! Help program a robot to navigate a building, rescue hostages, and defuse bombs in real time. You cannot see your hand of Command cards, so you'll have to help your partners figure out which cards to play. The game is turn based, but a timer app counts down in real time...

Every 10 minutes a bomb will go off unless you defuse it first! Rescue as many hostages as you can, defuse the bombs, and save the day!

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
2 to 6
Playing Time: 
30 minutes
Game Type: 
Year Published: