Casual Game Recommended badgeEach Recommended game has been carefully evaluated by our editorial staff and found to meet the following conditions:

• Representative of the casual game genre in terms of game length, depth, and complexity
• Appeals to a general audience, with a G or PG content rating
• Has acheived a high rating in gameplay, quality, and originality
• Is or was recently available in the U.S. at a reasonable price point



WordSpiel is a simple, spiraling word game that keeps gameplay quick and turns short. Each round, players are dealt ten cards. The goal of each round is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. Create a new word based off the last card (or cards) play, and watch the spiral grow! 

HOP! is a dexterity game about trying to climb your character up a three layered board. Everyone starts by placing their character on level one. The game will end once someone reaches the seventh level or loses all five of her balloons.
The goal of Martial Art is to either win twelve land points or three bridge icons. Each player chooses a card from his hand and places it face down on the table. The cards are then flipped and the card with the highest value wins. However, some cards have special abilities which can change the tide of war.

An escape room game packed into one single deck of cards. Players are trapped in the Laboratory of Doctor Thyme, in the room full of puzzles that need solving in order to escape the room and secure a job with the famous doctor!

Inspired by the classic dice game Liars Dice, Spoils of War is a game of deception, betting, and press-your-luck.
Players roll their dice and keep the results hidden under their dice cups. One by one you bid, trying to guess how many of each number players have collectively rolled. Get it right, and you'll collect Viking treasure, get it wrong and it will cost you gold.