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Wolf & Hound

Wolf & Hound
Game Description: 

Protect your sheep from bhaaaad wolves!!

In Wolf & Hound, you become a shepherd in French Alps where wolves are becoming a problem, chasing your sheep away from your pasture. It is up to your reliable hound to go find your lost sheep and bring them back!

The game is played as a 2 versus 2 partnership game. Your goal is to protect you and your partner’s sheep from being chased away by the hungry wolves. You will win the game if one of your opponents loses all his or her sheep first.

Move the wolf and the hound wisely to protect you and your partner’s sheep, and chase away your opponents’ sheep!

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
2 to 4
Playing Time: 
10 to 20 minutes
Game Type: 
Year Published: