2017 Tabletop Gaming Conventions Map

Game Cons

Gaming conventions are a great way to find awesome new games, connect with other gamers, and even get feedback on your own designs. Good things happen when gamers gather together!

Fortunately, hundreds of game cons large and small are happening all over the world in 2017. This year, we have put together this map to allow you to easily find gaming conventions near you (click here to view the full screen map).

Is something missing or incorrect?

Please do not email us or comment about changes that are needed. Our data is publicly editable. If you see something that needs to be updated, click here to edit the spreadsheet directly. Please be careful — any edits you make will be saved publicly. All changes made on the spreadsheet will be automaticlly updated on the map within a few hours.

Our data so far is mostly focused on the United States, but all international conventions are also welcome. The data is based on a combination of our own research and public edits made over the previous year. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information, but we hope you find it useful!

Sam C
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Someone please run something in Malaysia or Singapore! Wish I could.

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This is wonderful! The spreadsheet is correct, but the pin on Victoria BC is actually not close... it's showing in Washington State, and I wasn't able to move it. Victoria is a ways north of where the pin is sitting now. Thanks again for making this - makes it so easy to find things!

Phoenix - Lakeland Wargames Exhibition is happening on the 24th June 2017 at the Rheged Centre in Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0DQ

Trade stands, display & Participation Games, Gaming tournaments & lots more :) 

In our second year now, see the website at www.phoenix-show.co.uk 

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So I read that we're supposed to update the spreadsheet ourselves but what if a con is cancelled for one year? I just went to AndoCon's site and it says the con is going on a hiatus for 2017. Do I just delete the row?

don't forget please geekway to the west in st louis. 


13th Annual Geekway to the West - May 18-21, 2017  St. Charles Convention Center - St. Charles, Missouri, USA



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This is a great resource! However I noticed what I think is a glitch...

Is there some algorithm that determines which data gets plotted? The spreadsheet shows several conventions for both Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. However, the map is only showing one event for each (and for each it is an event that still lists dates as TBD rather than events which have listed specific dates). Can we get a drop pin for ALL events in a location? Even better, could a column be added to the spreadsheet for the specific address of the convention rather than just the city?

As it stands, the spreadsheet is a much more useful tool to get accurate information than the map right now.

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Hi Jay, thanks for pointing this out -- originally the map would split into multiple pins for each city but I see that this is not happening now. We will look into fixing this ASAP.

I agree that the specific address would be helpful, though it also would be very difficult to maintain because the locations of these conventions tend to change often. This year we are experimenting with the map format -- perhaps next year we'll improve it by adding additional address information.


UPDATE: We went ahead and added the individual convention addresses. I hope this helps!

Sam C wrote:

Someone please run something in Malaysia or Singapore! Wish I could.

It's not THAT hard. See http://tinyurl.com/condirector for details to start your own con.

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Thanks for this! I just copied the spreadsheet and pasted it in my own so I can sort everyrthing by date and focus on those I can attend. :)

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The map is showing WBC in Idaho even though the location says PA.  Not sure how to fix that in the spreadsheet since it looks correct.