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2020 Tabletop Gaming Conventions Map

2020 Tabletop Gaming Conventions

Gaming conventions are a great way to find awesome new games, connect with other gamers, and learn more about the world of tabletop gaming. Good things happen when gamers get together! Fortunately, there are hundreds of gaming events, large and small, happening all over the world in 2020. 

Below is our worldwide map of tabletop gaming conventions in 2020. The different colors represent the quarter of the year in which the convention falls (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). Click on the menu icon at the top left or view the map in full screen to see the legend.

We have been gathering and maintaining game convention data since 2016. Our maps and data have become very popular, receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Our data is a combination of our own research and input from our readers and convention organizers.

Can I see the source data?

If you would like to view the source data, click on the button below. The spreadsheet is read-only, so you can sort and filter the spreadsheet without affecting anyone else. You are also free to download a copy for personal use, but please do not share or publish it elsewhere.

View the Source Data

How do I update the data?

Our goal is to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. To achieve this, we depend on you to help us add and update conventions as new information is announced.

To add or update a convention, please request access to edit the spreadsheet directly (please don't email us or comment about changes). To get access, click on the "View Only" button within the spreadsheet and click "Request Edit Access." If approved, we will grant you access as soon as possible. If you have edit permissions, please do not sort or filter the data in any way — if we see a problem, we will revert to a previous version and your changes will be lost. The map itself is updated weekly — changes to the spreadsheet will not be available immediately on the map.

Can I embed this map on my website?

Yes — but we ask that you include a standard "dofollow" link back to this page as the original source of the map and data. This will help us continue to provide this service to the gaming community. Example credit: 2020 Tabletop Gaming Conventions Map provided by Casual Game Revolution

To embed the map, first click on the "view larger map" button to view it in fullscreen mode. Then click on the dots menu icon and click on "Embed map" to get the code to include on your website.