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Skull King

Skull King
Game Description: 

Skull King (a.k.a. Scheming and Skulking) is an exciting card game where every hand can be a winning hand...if you play your cards right! It is a "trick taking" game, which means that each turn, each player plays one card. The highest numbered card, or the most powerful special Pirate card played will win. This is called "taking a trick."

Each hand players look at their cards and then create a Scheme as to how many tricks they will win. With a "Yo Ho Ho," players simultaneously bid how many tricks they will win. Those bids are recorded on the included score pad. Players continue to Scheme to make sure they win exactly how many tricks they bid. If you get your bid you score. If you win more, or less, than you bid, you lose points. You never know which cards are skulking out there that might thwart your scheme because there are always some cards not dealt out.

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
2 to 6
Playing Time: 
30 minutes
Game Type: 
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