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Board Games

Mine for valuable gems to turn into beautiful pieces of jewelry in this dwarven mining game that will find you helping and hurting your opponents in turn as you vie for the most valuable treasure.

Use clues to help the other players discern your path from word to word around the board, before swapping roles and trying to deduce their own way!

Venture through the levels, collecting treasure. But be careful not to go too far, or else you’ll be knocked out and forced to return to town empty-handed.

Carcassonne is overrun with mists and ghosts. Brave guards and even braver dogs will be needed to chase them away!

Choose your puzzles carefully, build up a supply of puzzle pieces, and master the art of solving in this competitive puzzle game.

Morels, girolles, boletes, and parasol mushrooms! The woods are full of yummy mushrooms, ripe for harvesting. But the other players are after them, too, and you’ll have to choose carefully if you want to take home the most delicious ones.

Oh no! The captain is dead, the ship is under attack and it’s going to take some work to get the jump drive energized to pull off an escape. Can the crew work together to survive without their trusty leader to guide them?

Players are racing each other to be the first to solve their own mystery. Ask the right questions to solve the crime!

You’re a group of mischievous kobolds, sneaking into Maurice’s room to steal toys and valuable gems. Don’t get caught in the beams of his flashlight or you’ll have to flee empty-handed.

The game is afoot! Draw connections between evidence and leads to find killers and crack the case.