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Reviews of casual board games.

It’s hard being a wizard who has to share a communal garden. You want to keep all the best plants for yourself, but those other pesky wizards are eying them, too!

Lay out beautiful paths throughout the garden, sending noblemen in different directions to admire the mazes, trees, and statues in an effort to build the most beautiful garden.

In this trick-taking game, you won’t know what color of card can win the trick until the last card gets played into it.

Ahoy there mateys! Prepare to set sail on the high seas. Loot merchant ships, do battle with navel vessels, free slaves, and steal treasure, while competing for swagger in a quest to become a legendary pirate!

Can players find a dream among a series of beautifully illustrated cards, using their powers of deduction and their sense of touch?

Can your teammates guess the word "pancake" based on your clues? Try using only one word clues, or see if you can get them to guess it with gestures!

You’re going on tour! Can you plot a tour through the USA or Europe for your band that will score you the most points?

Oh no! The plane has crash-landed on an island full of deadly creatures and impending weather. Players must work together to forage for survival and survive the nights until rescue comes, all while fighting off madness.

Map out the plans of an ancient city, one tile and one trap at a time. Be the first to find the correct layout with deduction, reasoning, and good use of time.