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Enter to win a brand new copy of boop. by Smirk & Laughter games, just in time for the holidays. You're welcome.

There are a number of games with cozy themes this month on Kickstarter, from one about dog walking businesses to two separate games about plants. There is also a solo game about mountain climbing and a cooperative game centered on fighting oil spills, while the newest game in the Mint series has hit Kickstarter.

Go on a date with your favorite dragon! The success of your date could depend on how much you have in common, but sometimes you just might get lucky and two opposites will attract.

July brings some truly unique gaming experiences to Kickstarter, from the innovative mechanics of a pop-up puzzle game to the original atmosphere of a tile placement game in which players are trapped prisoners.

You have a most peculiar problem. Your loved ones want you to stop. But no one exactly wants to put it into words!