What We Do | Casual Game Revolution

What We Do

Since 2012, Casual Game Revolution has been a champion of casual board games, seeking out and promoting the best games on the market for casual gamers. We publish written reviews, articles, and gaming news on our blog and in our premium print magazine, Casual Game Insider. Many thousands of gamers turn to us to sift through the noise of the gaming world and focus on the best new games in the hobby that are easy to learn and quick to play, yet offer interesting decisions and light strategy.

We strive to break away from previous traditions by simplifying the gaming experience and reducing the barriers typically associated with gaming. We are gathering a large community of casual gamers who love games as much as we do. We want to connect these people to others who share the same interests and provide opportunities for them to discover great games. We also want to encourage them to get more involved in supporting their local gaming communities.

We evaluate/review hundreds of new board games each year, recognize the best games through our game awards program, work with dozens of authors and sponsors to create Casual Game Insider, share casual gaming news each week, highlight the best casual games on Kickstarter each month, and publish a weekly newsletter for many thousands of subscribers. In addition to our magazine subscribers, we are funded by game publishers and other companies who wish to sponsor us in exchange for marketing opportunities.

Why We Do It

Casual gaming matters. We are working tirelessly to find and promote the best casual games on the market today. Why? We are truly excited about casual games and we believe that more people need to discover them to experience the joy and face-to-face interaction that only come through board gaming. We believe board games offer a fantastic social experience that is fun, educational, engaging, and challenging. We want to expand the horizons of how board gaming is engaged in, talked about, and shared.

Together, we can bring casual gaming into the spotlight for everyone to see and get excited about!