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Take a stroll through a Swedish winter market, eating tasty food, picking up souvenirs, and enjoying friends and the winter night. More »

To celebrate our Fall 2023 issue of Casual Game Insider, we are giving away five new card games worth a total of $75! More »

Challengers! Beach Cup is now available in the U.S., a Bridgerton version of Love Letter has been announced, and The Op has a new board game in the works. More »

Published by Fly in Dream, this boxset includes two games in one. One is a light, push-your-luck dice game, while the other has you racing your opponent to the end of the board. So how do these two games play, exactly? More »

You have retrieved a mysterious box from deep within ancient temple ruins. Solve its puzzles to unlock the secrets within… More »

This article presents a comparison between The First Descendant and Destiny 2 main features, such as classes, end-game, and more. Read now! More »

Play one card to the table. That’s all you have to do! If there is a match on the table or several cards can add up to equal your card, they all go into your score pile — otherwise, your card simply stays put. More »

This month, Kickstarter is full of animals, from five abstract games in one box all themed around different animals, to a game of fox mystics and a tense duel between a shark and octopus. More »

Fowers Games has announced a new two-player game, Lucky Duck Games has announced a new bird-themed game, and The Op has released a new cooperative game. More »

Can you build an angel in 30 seconds with only a few colored blocks, and still make it recognizable? Will you attempt a bonus point and try to use fewer blocks than anyone else at the table? More »

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