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Are you ready for a light and entertaining social card game that will challenge your deductive skills? Similo may be just the perfect choice. In this thrilling card game, players must work together to guess a secret character. More »

Our editorial team members independently put together a list of our favorite games from 2022 — and in the end, we had to narrow it down to just one. More »

Capstone Games has announced Wandering Towers, Blue Orange Games has announced a slew of new kids and family games, and The Adventures of Robin Hood is getting an expansion. More »

Are you ready for chaos and madness in the ultimate noise extravaganza? Think Sound Box! At each turn, Soundmakers will mimic sounds from concept cards, and then the Guesser will try to associate the sounds with the concept cards on the More »

Dice Theme Park is a rollercoaster of luck and strategy that will have you competing to create the most exciting and profitable theme park possible. More »

Will you travel the world on multiple vacations? Raise a family? Take on a pet? Prioritize your education or buy a house? Watch out for stress and pursue joy and happiness in order to create Your Best Life. More »

Alley Cat Games has announced a new card game, Z-Man Games will be releasing Planet B next week, and you can now play Munchkin on your smartphone. More »

Can you answer questions from the Greatest Generation? Or do you know all things Millennial? Test your knowledge of five different generations in GENSMAK! More »

Set sail on the high seas in this light, fast dice game that has you juggling treasure collection and special abilities. More »

We face a monumental challenge to restore the natural balance to our planet. It is indeed our commitment to "rewild the world," an enormous undertaking that is the core objective of Ecosfera. More »

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CGI#42: Dice Manor, SPIEL 2022, Gaming in Ukraine, and Genius Games

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